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Empowering Mothers in Recovery to THRIVE

We have women in line waiting for your sponsorship! 

Help us Save Families


We have women in line waiting for sponsorships to join our program!

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Our Mission

To create a community that supports mothers to live over the influence of drugs, shame, and regret and empower them to create a life they love for themselves and their children!

We help Families Stay Together.

And we Can’t do it without your donations.​ 

Thank you for helping! 

What Your Donation Provides

  • Sponsor Mom + Children Community Event - $100
  • One Month Sponsorship For 1 Mom + Kids - $500
  • Full 6-Month Program Sponsor for 1 Mom + Kids - $3000​

Help Us Continue to Keep These Families Together.

Help These Women Thrive

Help OTI

What our moms are saying....

OTI recovery means more to me than I would have ever thought it would. When I first joined OTI, I was just a lost, single mom looking for help with addictions that I felt I could never get under control. At first, coming into OTI was nerve wrecking to me because I was so lonely that joining any sort of group or community just didn’t suit right with me, on top of having social anxiety. Yet, I knew it was something I needed. 


"I'm a mom to three great kids and sober for four mon​ths. I wouldn't be the great mom that I am today without the support of my OTI Girls. Without OTI Recovery my recovery wouldn't exist because they are my #1 support system."


 Since being in OTI for 6 months now, I’ve learned so much about how to have hope, take care of myself, take care of my daughter, LIVE and most importantly to just be surrounded by a support system and a family. Every month when we meet, I feel like I’m going to spend time with not only amazing friends but family. My daughter feels included and loved as well and we always look forward to the next meet. OTI has changed my life and made me a whole new person and I will forever be thankful


About the Founder

I founded Over the Influence Recovery after 20 years of living an amazing drug-free life! Those who know me, know I am a mother with substance use disorder who became addicted to drugs at age 14 and lived in severe substance abuse until the age of 27. I had two beautiful children ages 4 and 8 when i finally was able to get help and get free from the bondage of my addictions. My children needed me so badly and I so grateful they inspired me and gave me the strenght to fight and stay clean. My passion is helping other women escape the bondage of addiction and become the mothers to their children that they long to be. 

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