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Thriving Moms, Thriving Kids:
​The Heart of Recovery

Our Mission

Over the Influence Recovery is a non-profit organization that empowers mothers in recovery to live over the influence of drugs, shame and regret and build a life they desire, create, and love for themselves and their children. We support women to stop relapsing, align their actions with their values, and join a fun and healthy community of mothers who thrive in recovery!

We need your help.

Studies show that parents with a recovery coach were a more likely to achieve reunification [with their children] compared to those receiving standard services.*

What your donation provides:

Women's Weekly Support Group

By contributing to this cause, you enable the following powerful benefits through our weekly support groups:

  1. Alleviate feelings of loneliness, isolation, and judgment.

  2. Create a safe space for open and honest conversations.

  3. Forge connections with individuals facing similar challenges.

  4. Cultivate meaningful relationships with those who share common goals.

Your generous support helps us provide these essential opportunities for individuals seeking solace, understanding, and personal growth.


Join us in fostering a community of compassion and connection.

Child Visitations Assistance

Empower women facing Child Welfare Services cases by providing vital support that ensures they can visit or oversee visits with their children when needed. These women often encounter significant challenges in arranging child visitations, including limited resources for supervision and transportation.


Your generous contribution can bridge these gaps and reunite mothers with their children, fostering stronger bonds and brighter futures.


Join us in making a difference today!

Books & Workbooks


Here are some of the books that women have collectively embraced and explored:

  1. "A Woman's Way through the Twelve Steps" (both books and workbooks)

  2. "Set Boundaries, Find Peace: A Guide to Reclaiming Yourself"

These empowering reads have been instrumental in their journey towards personal growth, recovery, and self-discovery.


Your support allows us to continue fostering this enriching experience.


Join us in empowering women through the wisdom of literature. Donate today!

Basic Assistance

Your generosity can provide critical financial assistance to our clients, offering them a lifeline during challenging times. Your support helps cover essential expenses such as utility bills, gas, rent, and food, ensuring that individuals and families can:

  1. Keep the lights on and homes warm during difficult months.

  2. Access reliable transportation for work, medical appointments, and everyday needs.

  3. Maintain stable housing, avoiding the risk of homelessness.

  4. Put nourishing meals on the table for themselves and their loved ones.

Join us in making a tangible difference in the lives of those in need. 

1-1 Recovery Coaching

Our personalized recovery coaching program offers a unique opportunity for individuals to:

  1. Establish weekly goals tailored to their recovery journey.

  2. Receive unwavering support throughout their path to wellness.

  3. Celebrate their achievements and milestones.

  4. Develop essential skills in self-advocacy and self-care.

Your contribution fuels this transformative process, enabling individuals to thrive in their pursuit of a healthier and more fulfilling life. Join us in making a positive impact through personalized recovery coaching. 

Fun Sober Family Events

Your contribution can bring joy, connection, and lasting memories to the lives of women in recovery and their families. By donating, you enable us to organize fun, family-friendly sober events that serve as opportunities for women to:

  • Celebrate their recovery journey in a joyful and supportive environment.

  • Rediscover the simple pleasures of life and savor every moment.

  • Share quality time with their children, strengthening family bonds.

  • Cultivate a sense of belonging within a welcoming and nurturing community.

Your support transforms these events into vibrant celebrations of life and recovery.


Donate today and make a profound impact on lives!
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