Over the Influence Recovery

Empowering moms in recovery to stop relapsing and start thriving.

Mission Statement

Over the Influence Recovery is a non-profit organization that supports mothers in recovery to live over the influence of drugs, shame and regret and build a life they desire, create and love for themselves and their children. We empower women to stop relapsing, align their actions with their values, and join a fun and healthy community of mothers who thrive in recovery!


Don't keep struggling alone.  Join our womens' group!

Join T.H.R.I.V.E 

T.H.R.I.V.E is a six-month coaching program for women in recovering from substance use disorder. 

The program includes weekly one-on-one sessions with an empowering recovery coach who will help you set and achieve your goals. You will also be part of weekly support groups and a monthly Thoughful & Thrive (TnT) Event! 

Come join a community of women who thrive in recovery!

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What our clients are saying

"I'm a mom to three great kids and sober for four months. I wouldn't be the great mom that i am today without the support of my OTI Girls. Without OTI Recovery my recovery wouldn't exist because they are my #1 support system."