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Empowering moms in recovery to stop relapsing and start thriving.

Mission Statement

Over the Influence Recovery is a non-profit organization that supports mothers in recovery to live over the influence of drugs, shame and regret and build a life they desire, create and love for themselves and their children. We empower women to stop relapsing, align their actions with their values, and join a fun and healthy community of mothers who thrive in recovery!

Online recovery support group now on Mondays 7pm PST

Are you looking for something different than AA or NA?

Would you be interested in a women-only recovery group?

Are you ok with joining an on-line group? 


Then come join a community of women who thrive in recovery. We meet every Monday at 7:00 PM PST.  Click below to join!! 

What our clients are saying

"I'm a mom to three great kids and sober for four months. I wouldn't be the great mom that i am today without the support of my OTI Girls. Without OTI Recovery my recovery wouldn't exist because they are my #1 support system."


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